Alrighty! Sorry this is a bit late guys but, as you probably know, I was away on Saturday night seeing Seth Meyers perform. If that’s not a good excuse I don’t know what is. I’ve now watched the show three times so I think I’m all caught up.

I will address my predictions first: I wrote that post in about 10 minutes because I had to catch a bus to see Seth Meyers, therefore it’s a load of shit. Basically no thought went into it. So I didn’t really end up making any good predictions.

I was way off on the cold open. I should have known they would have addressed the recent NFL scandals. In my defense, I couldn’t have known they would have addressed it in both the cold open and a whole sketch later in the show. I was also wrong about the monologue, he mentioned Guardians of the Galaxy but didn’t go all out. It’s interesting that I mentioned Josh Hutcherson because there was an almost exact repeat of a sketch that was on his episode (the animal hospital) fairly early in the show. I loved the Anna Faris cameo (which I called). It was cute and I’m also glad she didn’t appear again in the show until the goodbyes.

They did do a Guardians of the Galaxy sketch but it went a different direction than I was expecting. I loved what they did with the Marvel commercial (more about that later). Regarding my prediction that they would feature Pete Davidson in a sketch I won’t count Weekend Update as me being right. I was right about the Good Neighbor video. It was a great one and it was featured fairly early in the episode. I was correct about Ariana Grande’s cameo! I knew she’d do something very silly and destroying a set counts as silly!

I totally called the Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With At a Party appearance during Weekend Update. There was no way they wouldn’t use her just to almost honor Cecily and her time at the desk. There was a little joke in there about where she’d been but it wasn’t as personal as I thought it would be. As predicted, Colin Jost was awkward (him during the song was almost cringe worthy).

I was right about two of my predicted cameos, Anna Faris and Ariana Grande. I would have loved a nod to Parks & Recreation though L

Alright, let’s get into the show!


This was a fairly good cold open. It’s always nice to see Aidy leading a sketch and having her have the first “live from New York” leads me to believe that she’s going to have a huge year. She certainly got a lot of airtime on the first episode. I found it interesting that Chris Pratt was used during the cold open but didn’t get applause when he first appeared. I’m wondering if the audience had seen him before they were live and got it out of their systems then or if they didn’t recognize him. I thought Kenan was hilarious in this sketch. His role was really only a one joke role but his denial was convincing and hilarious. Jay Pharoah as Shannon Sharpe is always over the top but I found this to be ridiculous. I watched this episode for the third time with my dad and his girlfriend and neither of them understood why he was licking his lips and making weird sounds so much. The impression was just a little too much and broke up the flow of the sketch a little bit.


I am loving the new opening credits. I think the opening really shows off New York and it looks very slick. I also thought everyone in the cast looked great and like they were having so much fun. I’m pleased that Darrell Hammond used his own voice and didn’t do his Don Pardo impression, which I was a little nervous he would do. It will take a little getting used to but I’m happy he got the gig.


The monologue was pretty good tonight. Chris Pratt seemed a little nervous and stiff but once he made that joke about dieting he loosened up. I was happy with the Anna Faris cameo and how it didn’t upstage the whole monologue (*cough* Jonah Hill *cough*).

COMMERCIAL (Cialis Turnt):

Oh my the fake commercial was absolutely hilarious. I feel like one of the writers had this idea at the beginning of summer and had been sitting on these good ideas for months. The performances were really good in this as well. I thought Cecily Strong was the standout in this sketch with her hilarious and accurate delivery. The last line in this sketch made me laugh really hard. “There’s a ton of ecstasy in this.”

It was then officially announced on air that Sarah Silverman will be hosting next week with musical guest, Maroon 5. Once again I loved the new bumpers and thought everything looked really slick. I am also super excited for this episode.


I instantly remembered this sketch from the Josh Hutcherson episode. It was basically the same sketch but with Chris Pratt instead of Josh Hutcherson. Not that I minded too much, I still got a couple of laughs out of this sketch. Once again Cecily Strong is the standout in this sketch. Her crazy accent totally made the sketch for me. The funniest moment of the sketch was when Vanessa’s character asks to “say goodbye” to her dead guinea pig and Cecily gives her a big hug. It was a great moment and well played by both Vanessa and Cecily. In regards to making this a reoccurring sketch, I think they have to change up the premise a little bit in order to add some more variety.


I count this as a Guardians of the Galaxy sketch. I really liked this sketch because there were a lot of great moments. My favorites were “Fancy Ghosts” and “Pam”/”Winter Pam”. Aidy’s face in this made me laugh so much. The Star Wars costumes were great and Chris Pratt as Princess Leia was genius.


To be honest I didn’t pay too much attention to either of the performances so I don’t have anything to say about this.


I’ve seen a lot of negativity regarding this Weekend Update. I really thought it was good, especially because the chemistry wasn’t there yet and Michael Che must have been super nervous. I don’t know how I feel about the new set. I think the blue might be a little dark. I don’t know something is just off a little with that. I could also just not be used to it yet. Right off the bat Michael Che stumbled over his words. That’s how I could tell he was super nervous. I wasn’t surprised to see Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With at a Party because I feel that Cecily needed to be honored somehow. It was a good appearance. The selfie joke was absolutely hilarious “My dad’s going to hate that.” Another Leslie Jones appearance was fun. I liked this appearance better than her first one maybe because I related to the content (LOL). I’m wondering if she’ll join the official cast after Christmas, especially after she made an appearance in the NFL sketch later in the episode. Pete Davidson’s first appearance on the show was VERY good. He seemed relaxed and his content was solid. That was a great introduction on the show. My favorite jokes of the night were the joke about Derek Jeter getting “all the ass” and how Benghazi is now just John McCain’s safe word.

Right after Weekend Update there was a nice moment for Don Pardo. I thought it was tasteful and much deserved.


This was my favorite live sketch of the night. The whole setup was so brilliant and the juxtaposition between when the characters were speaking normally and rapping was just hilarious! Aidy is just brilliant in these overly sexualized roles, which she plays often. The two best moments in this sketch were when Vanessa said Aidy was “hitting the ass stuff too hard” and then the follow up with Cecily. I laughed out loud all three times I’ve watched the episode at that point. Also when Chris Pratt started saying he wanted to smoke some crack and then Bobby’s reaction was just hilarious. I loved everything about Bobby in this sketch. Something I noticed about this episode was that all of the sketches had good endings. Last season there were a lot of sketches with awkward endings. Let’s hope they keep up this trend throughout the season.


Now this was my favorite part of the whole episode. I loved all the Good Neighbor videos last year and was pleased to hear about the hiring of another writer from that group. I’m hoping that leads to more of these sketches. I think Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett are just brilliant when they’re playing these awkward, straight delivery characters. They’re so subtle but in the most hilarious way possible. I predicted we would see a Good Neighbor video this episode and that it would have an earlier time slot than usual. I was correct on both accounts. There were some great moments in this sketch that made me laugh so hard. When Chris Pratt tells Kyle “this is a fight”, that was too good. That with the music and the audience track just added a whole other element to this sketch. Another little moment that was hilarious is when all the punk kids were running away and the one kid didn’t make it in time and just runs into the closed door. Oh my goodness that was hilarious. I will definitely be re-watching this sketch.


I was highly impressed with the costume and makeup team during this sketch. That must have been a high stress moment for them. I have to admit I was surprised that there were two sketches talking about the NFL scandals. I think they should have done a different cold open and used this sketch. Another interesting thing about this sketch is that it featured Michael Che, Colin Jost and Leslie Jones. It seemed like a throwback to the early days when writers would make appearances in the sketches. I’m wondering if they’ll appear in more sketches. I would love that to be honest. My favourite moment in this sketch was when Beck asked about the consequences the players received and Taran whispers “well there were none so…” Oh my goodness I laughed so hard.


I thought this sketch was highly original and featured Vanessa Bayer quite nicely. I can honestly say I didn’t know where this sketch was going when it started and I did not see what happened coming. Sasheer was another standout in this sketch for me. After the first kiss is revealed and they pan back to the testers, her face is priceless! Another good moment is when Kenan shows up and they have a “ghost” moment. All around this was a good and creative final sketch.

I thought the bumpers this season were different from the previous years but I thought they were more modern and original. I especially loved the backstage bumpers.


This is one of the cutest goodbyes I’ve ever seen. I loved how everyone seemed so excited for Pete Davidson and they really pointed him out and gave him his moment. I also thought the moment where Anna Faris surprised Chris Pratt was adorable. He seemed genuinely surprised and happy to see her there.


9          My least favourite sketch of the night was the cold open. I didn’t think it was very strong and Jay Pharoah’s impression of Shannon Sharpe threw off the tone. I also found it odd that Chris Pratt appeared in the cold open and didn’t get applauded.

8          Animal Hospital was one of the weakest sketches of the night. This sketch had been done before with the exact same one joke. Although I did get a couple of laughs from this sketch I wasn’t impressed because I felt it lacked creativity and it was a one-joke sketch.

7          NFL on CBS was an impressive sketch costume/makeup wise, but it was very one-note. There were some good moments and I loved seeing Leslie Jones featured in a sketch but overall it wasn’t written amazingly. But, once again, I think the costume/makeup team deserve an Emmy just for their work on this one sketch.

6          The toys come alive sketch was alright, but I felt it came a little early in the show. I thought there were better sketches that aired later that could have had that coveted first slot. They probably put it so early because of Ariana Grande’s appearance and also the costumes were pretty intricate. There were some great moments in this sketch (especially Chris Pratt’s blond bob) but I feel there were some better sketches later in the show.

5          The video game test sketch was original and hilarious. I thought it was cast really well and there were some absolutely brilliant moments. Props to Sasheer for having the best shocked and horrified facial expression I’ve ever seen. For a final sketch of the night this had a lot of energy and was well written.

4          The Marvel sketch was really funny! I knew they would do a Guardians of the Galaxy sketch somehow but this was different than I thought. I especially loved Aidy as Pam and the “Fancy Ghosts”. This was well written and well executed.

3          This has to be one of the funniest fake commercials I’ve seen in a long time. The Cialist Turnt sketch was absolutely hilarious and was cast perfectly. The costumes were great and juxtaposition between the people before taking the pill and after made the sketch so special. Also there was a great closing line “there’s a lot of ecstasy in these”.

2          My favourite live sketch of the night was the Girls Night sketch. Aidy Bryant was doing what she does best and it made for a great sketch. There were some great moments from Cecily Strong and Bobby Moynihan too.

1          The standout sketch of the night for me was the Good Neighbors sitcom parody. Everyone in the sketch absolutely killed it and the audience track/music was perfect. To be honest I’d love to see these characters again.




Aidy Bryant and Taran Killam were the two most used performers in this episode. I have to say I’m surprised Kate McKinnon wasn’t given more to do especially after her Emmy nomination. 

“We paid our goddamn money for ‘Ooh Child’ and we are going to goddamn use it”

– Lorne Michaels (via mulaneysbutt)


Who fell in love with Pete Davidson tonight?



Pam 2: The Winter Pam


Introducing Cialis Turnt, the only pill that combats your erectile dysfunction while also giving you that unbeatable sensation of getting turnt.

SNL Season premiere predictions

So I won’t be able to see the show live tonight and I don’t have much time to write this post but it’s for a noble cause; I’m seeing Seth Meyers perform standup tonight! I can’t fucking wait haha

Cold open:

I predict we will see Obama tonight right off the bat. Likely Sasheer will be doing Michelle Obama somehow. Another idea I have is that Kate will make an appearance as Hilary Clinton and Darrell Hammond will make an appearance as Bill Clinton to celebrate the knew announcer gig (one can dream right?). 


Chris Pratt will try to talk about Guardians of the Galaxy and will be interrupted by cast members who are big fans. Similar to Josh Hutcherson’s monologue last season. They will have some sort of bit about the movie.

Sketch ideas:

I think they will do a Guardians of the Galaxy sketch (I can see them milking the shit out of the movie). Taran will be Groot and Kate will be Gamora. I think Bobby will be the raccoon and he will be the main joke of the sketch. 

I think they will do a sketch where Pete Davidson is featured. 

They will likely be a Good Neighbor video featuring Kyle & Beck. My prediction is this will air earlier in the show then we’re used to.

I think Ariana Grande will make an appearance in a sketch mostly to get some good PR after all the talk about her diva-like actions. Likely a photoshoot or something along the lines of that where she makes a fool of herself. Another idea I have for this is having her on Weekend Update making jokes about herself and addressing the comments.

Weekend Update:

100% we will see Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With. There will likely be some kind of passive aggressive remark about her having less to do, or being back from a work term or being fired from her last job. 

Regarding Michael Che, I have no idea what to expect. I can see Colin Jost being awkward and being completely upstaged by Michael. 


I would LOVE an Amy Poehler. An Anna Faris would also be welcomed. I think though that the most likely cameo would be someone from Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Alright let’s see what the night has to bring. I will update tomorrow sometime about my thoughts of the premiere. I’m quite upset about missing it live but it’s for a good cause haha. 



The perfect first day of fall to kick off our first Monday of Season 40!


mama june and sugar bear aren’t together anymore and love doesn’t exist and life is a lie



i’ve never seen something so accurate


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Cutie Pies of SNL Season 40 by Tyler Feder

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